The Recruitment Link


At The Recruitment Link we believe a successful business relationship is based on trust and confidence, which is built on honesty and integrity leading to a fuller understanding of the client's business needs. Regular contact is the key to resolving any issues quickly and without fuss.

Save yourselves time and money when allowing us to recruit the right staff for you, with an added guarantee: - To find out more contact us.

You will be allocated your own dedicated Recruitment Consultant to look after your business needs. Only the most suitable applicant CV's will be sent you.

Why not utilise a temporary worker whilst we find you the most suitable permanent member of staff. Alternatively, you may decide your temporary worker to be the most suitable applicant, in which case incentives will apply. For further details please contact us.

The services offered to our clients are as follows:
  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Temporary Recruitment
  • Temporary to Permanent Recruitment
  • Ad Response Handling Service
  • On site Management Service for Volume Temporary Staff Recruitment
  • Bespoke Recruitment Service
  • Payroll service